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Artistic Sound......Every Tuesday!!! @2612theLibrary w/ April Renee

Come take a break from tha Hustle & chill wit sum coool ASS Artists & sum Bossplayaz.....#ArtisticSound #2612theLibrary #Hgw19th #MBM11 #MBR


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A MOMENT with>>>>>>>Ed Vela

Tell us about yourself and what you do: 
My name is Ed Vela and I am a National Award Winning Playwright, and an International Award Winning Screenwriter and Filmmaker. I began writing plays in the late 90’s. My plays have been published by 3 different publishers in both the U.S. and Canada, and have been performed in Texas, Oklahoma, Virginia, Arizona, and California (to mention a few) and even as far away as Debrecen, Hungary. I have won the L.W. Thomas Award for Best Short Play from Theatre Oxford, and won the Jewel Box Theatre Award for Best Comedy Play. I moved to Los Angeles for several years to try to bridge into screenwriting with mixed results. Two of my screenplays won International Contests and Awards, but I never optioned (sold) anything in the very competitive industry out there.  I have also won awards for my short films at different contests and film festivals. I have won both a Gold (for my short film: STEP!) and a Platinum (for my screenplay: The Mortality Game) Remi …

Daraja releases the ArtWork to "Tha Bossplayaz - Bossplayaz Season" project...............#H/Gw19th

Heres the graphics for the Long-Awaited Daraja Hakizimana presents "Tha Bossplayaz - Bossplayaz Season" project feat. That Boy Cayse, WhereDough?, Teeze Fresh, Kato The Creation, Mr. 3-2, Lo-Ki, & Geno of Club 803.