Thursday, April 17, 2014

Digital Life: My Block Recordz & Daraja Teams up with Valerie Benguiat.........#H/Gw19th

Has it ever happened that you’ve missed out on a great concert that your friends keep talking about, insisting it was the maddest, ravest gig in the whole wide world? Don’t you just wish you were there? Perhaps sitting in the front rows of an exclusive SxSW concert meant for just a selected few? Can you imagine the energy, the vibe?
Now you won’t have to try so hard. Enter the stage: My Block Recordz & Daraja Hakizimana along with top film-makers of Vimeo & H/Gw19th's own Heidi Prera behind the lens, link up in their joint release of Daraja Hakizimana's -“New Rules, New Game” Concert. Watch Daraja as he unravels his R&B, jazzy-tunes based lyrics. Follow his beats as he merges from groovy to calm. Observe him as he draws in a smoke to cool himself for the next more melancholic tune.

Streamed to your laptop with the HD Vimeo production that is always a pleasure to watch. Now it almost feels like you’ve been there. Yes, we have all known that CDs, DMRs and even iTunes are the thing of the past. Streaming is what lies ahead. With Pandora and Spotify (although its victory might be short-lived after the Apple’s takeover of Beats Music). Welcome to the new landscape, where hip-hop comes alive in front of your eyes. Synergy to rule them all!

Now, a song is not just a song, it’s an opportunity to work together with others, to do something new, something great that will make you stand out. It'll make you original. It'll make people believe in you and follow you.

by:Valerie Benguiat


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